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The game of spinning lights.

The exciting new electronic 
board game that tests 
your skills against friends and family.

Creates a different mesmerizing

light show each time you play!


BattleLitez is for two to four players ages 6 and up.


Each player starts with an equal amount of LED-powered magnetic game pieces.

The goal of the game is to be the first one to get all of your pieces onto the spinning board.

As players place their pieces on the spinning board, the game gets more and more challenging.

If a player knocks off other pieces during their turn, they have to keep all those pieces.


Note: The speed of the board is adjustable for all skill levels, so even younger players can compete and have fun.


Plus, the spinning board could have alternative "fields" to create different ways to play and win.


Or popular licensed characters could be used for the board and game pieces to create branded versions of the game.



The Spinning Platform is similar to a motorized turntable, simple and affordable to manufacture. Its magnetic top layer attracts the LED game pieces and holds them in place (but not always, which is part of the fun and challenge of playing the game).


The game's Base houses a DC motor, motor control board, and if wireless power for the LEDs is used, a low-profile, low-power wireless transmitter (basically a flat coil of wire).

The game pieces are either battery-powered or wireless-powered LEDs with magnetic bases.

BattleLitez is powered by a standard OEM-provided, UL-licensed AC wall adapter.

Player pieces could be commercially available wireless, battery-free LEDs with magnetic bases.

Note: The game is still very viable using battery-powered LED game pieces, although not as convenient as each piece's battery will need replacing after several game plays.

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