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Forget the balancing act:

Chill Specs™ let users get their day going, hands-free and without the need to lay down or hold anything up to the face.

Chill Specs lets users start their day

(or evening) with beautiful clear eyes.

They can also help start your day

with beautiful sales, sales, sales!

A recent search on Google for "how to get rid of dark circles under eyes" yields over two million results! Search the same term on YouTube and you'll find over 700,00 results! 

Virtually all news and consumer publications have had stories about this topic, from WebMD to Vogue to Oprah.

Chill Specs is "remedy-agnotistic", affordable, and lets people treat their eyes in a fun and convenient way.

Chill Specs has been licensed by Exceptional Products Inc.

Chill Specs is patent-pending.

New Video

New Video

3D Visualization of the design:

Don't let taking care of those ugly eye bags & dark circles slow down your morning routine.

Chill Specs™ are a pair of eyeglass-like frames designed to let users quickly and conveniently apply a cold treatment using re-freezable gel inserts, or place tea bags, cucumber shavings or any combination of preferred ingredients under their eyes.

Chill Specs lets users place whatever ingredients

they prefer inside the frames and wear!

Below are a few examples of the solutions people use to treat their dark circles and eyebags on a daily basis.

Designed to fit perfectly and comfortably, following the contours of the face from just under the eyes down to the cheekbone.

The  perforated metal wall enables the refreshing chill effect when used with the re-freezable gel inserts. 

The perforations are also perfect to let users' treatments (such as tea bags, cucumbers, etc.)  permeate the areas just below the eyes.

Chill Specs can be produced quickly and economically using standard manufacturing techniques.

Proposed Packaging Concept

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