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The world's most ultralight, ultra comfortable,
and ultra portable travel pillow (minus the pillow).





Highly Portable


Functioning prototype in use.

ChinzUP is a convenient travel accessory that supports your head comfortably, letting you get the anytime-anywhere sleep you want without skin irritation, heat buildup, or the bulkiness you don't have room for while traveling.

ChinzUp ultralight travel pillow

Most planes, trains and automobiles already have seats with cushions for travelers to rest their heads on. For sleeping, what you really need is not another cushion, but instead a simple, comfortable and sweat-free way to keep your head supported properly.


That's exactly what ChinzUP offers, and does so using a thoughtful and lightweight design.

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Big on features.

Little in size.

ChinzUp travel pillow folds up flat
Storage pouch for ChinzUP travel neck pillow

Folds quickly for easy portability.

ChinzUP was designed to fold flat (25mm) so it takes up very little room and will easily fit inside virtually all carryons like pocketbooks, backpacks, briefcases, even laptop bags just like a book would.

Adjusts easily with the twist of a knob.

The knobs loosen to enable adjustment of the chin and chest supports, letting you find the perfect position to cradle your chin. 

ChinzUp travel pillow adjusts completely
ChinzUp best travel pillow uses mesh fabric for heat-free head support while traveling
ChinzUp travel neck pillow perforated to prevent heat build an sweat.

Ventilated materials prevents heat build-up.

Lets your skin breathe! A major design goal was to reduce heat buildup as much as possible. Ventilation holes, breathable open-cell cushions and mesh fabrics achieve this goal perfectly to prevent sweat and skin irritation.

Comfortable as a feather.

Soft foam cushions at all contact points enable hours of comfortable pressure-free use.

ChinzUp travel pillow cushions for comfort

Colors to match personal style.

Simple color variations for plastic and fabric create exciting options for you to choose from.


Or for more discreet use, ChinzUP can easily be placed under your outer clothing. Cold? Just wrap your favorite scarf around ChinzUP and snuggle up for a warm nap.

ChinzUp. It's like an Aeron® chair for your head.


ChinzUp is expected to retail for $25-$30,
but you can save $10 
by preordering today.

ChinzUp travel pillow packaging

Preorder risk-free for only $19.99 and
get 1/3 off 
projected retail price! 

Your credit card will not be charged until we ship. See Preorder Terms here.

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While there's dozens of travel pillows available, the problem is that most of these products fall short in serious ways.

Why choose ChinzUp?

Sleeping while traveling can be a real pain.

No doubt, if you've tried sleeping while traveling on a plane, train or automobile you've experienced it for yourself: Keeping your head in a comfortable, ergonomic position so you can sleep is challenging, to say the least.

Most solutions are also a pain. Literally.

Most designs do not support the head properly, either forcing it forward or allowing the chin to drop against the chest which is terrible for the body and prevents a deep and restful sleep. Learn more about the negatives of poor neck ergonomics here.

bad travel neck travel pillow
hot sweaty travel neck pillow

Designs that attempt to support the head properly use materials that quickly allow heat buildup which often causes sweat and skin irritation.

Most designs intended to be "portable" are instead bulky, taking up too much of the limited space typically available in carry-ons, backpacks and pocketbooks.

bulky travel neck pillow

ChinzUp solves these problems

in an ultralight, ultra-comfortable,

and ultra-affordable solution.

ChinzUp ultralight travel pillow
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