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Log Rolling. It's an incredibly fun and enduring sport that challenges a person's athleticism, balance and stamina. 

It's also a great workout that improves balance, coordination, leg and core muscles and endurance.

Meet Logger. The world's first exercise equipment that lets you experience the fun and great workout benefits of log rolling at home or at the gym.

Until now.

But log rolling needed two important things:


An internal spring design incorporated into the two steel side walls enables the log to have free movement in all directions and creates the sensation of floating on water.

Designed to absorb impact and provide grip, a dense foam outer layer wraps around a solid core to create the "log". 


The 28 inch wide log spins on precision ball bearing mounts providing super smooth and reversible rotation.

Caution: Always use LOGGER on top of cushioned mats.

Removable handle  bars makes mounting LOGGER easy and help with maintaining balance control.

Connect two LOGGERS and compete just like a log rolling competition!

No need for the tree trunk or lake ;)

Caution: Always use LOGGER on top of cushioned mats.

Now available for licensing.

To learn more about this opportunity please contact us or use the form below.

Thank you. We'll get back to you about LOGGER as quickly as we can.

Plastic impellers on each side provide just the right resistance to help you tame the log. They also generate a gentle breeze to help cool you off during  your workout.

Benefits of a log rolling workout:

  • Balance + Coordination Training

  • Endurance Training

  • Core Strengthening

  • Length Strengthening

  • Low-impact 

  • Adjustable Skill Levels

  • Compete with other Loggers

  • Fun, Unique + Challenging

“Log rolling presents (a) fun challenge that builds balance and coordination, as well as overall fitness.”
– American Council on Exercise
2014 World Log Rolling Championships, Lizzie Hoeschler Horvitz vs Shana Verstegen 
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