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Feel where you're going.


Cycling is an adventure, but knowing where you're heading can be convenient, particularly in unfamiliar places.


Navigation technology is great, but looking at small screens, blinking LEDs or listening to directions using earbuds distracts your attention from where it should be: the road.


Discover a safer solution. 

Your helmet + hapt-x = smarter, safer cycling.

hapt-x™ provides a safer solution. It uses your existing helmet to provide intuitive haptic prompts that let you know when and where to turn.


hapt-x installs easily and includes smart LED turn signals, rear blinker, a fall detection sensor with emergency SMS notifications and more. The RTL version includes theft detection and real-time tracking of a missing bike. Optional accessories for both versions include the Safe•Sound™ MicroSpeaker kit for safe enjoyment of your music.


Watch our video and scroll down to learn more.

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hapt-x turns any helmet into a smart helmet.

Fall Detection Sensor
with SMS Alerts
Intuitive haptic prompts provide turn by turn directions


hapt-x easily mounts to most cyclist helmets.
Bright LED turn signal blinkers and tail light.  
hapt-x RTL provides theft detection and real time tracking
Optional Safe•Sound micro speakers for safer listening
Syncs to the free hapt-x app and uses the existing navigation features on your smartphone*.
* Requires smartphone with BTLE 4.0 + with active cellular/ SMS connection and GPS.

Haptic Prompts

Gentle vibrations let you intuitively 
feel when and where to turn

while keeping your eyes on the road.

Discreet rugged design.

The main hapt-x unit mounts on the back using tie-downs or VHB tape. The small haptic clips attach to the straps, and the tiny LED units attach to the outer shell using peel n' stick adhesive. All parts connect via four low-profile wires mounted inside the helmet. Once installed, you'll barely feel or see hapt-x until it's time to turn.

Installs in minutes.

Diagram \
Video Features
Installs in minutes

Smart LED Signalling

Automatic turn blinkers and a flashing rear light

let traffic know where you're headed. Use the app

to have LEDs activate only in low light.

Fall Detection Monitor.

Falls happen. If it's a bad one, hapt-x will notify your friends via SMS and give them your location*.

* Requires smartphone with BTLE 4.0 + with active cellular/ SMS connection and GPS.

Order hapt-x today and enjoy safer,
smarter cycling using your current helmet.





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1- hapt-x  

1- USB charging cable 

6- Adhesive discs

2- 3M Velcro strips

2- Velcro ties

1 Quick-Start Guide






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Safe•Sound MicroSpeaker Kit




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1- hapt-x RTL

1- USB charging cable 

1- RTL module bike mount 

6- Adhesive discs

4- 3M Velcro strips

4- Velcro ties

1 Quick-Start Guide 


2- MicroSpeakers

2- 3M Velcro strips

6- Adhesive discs

1 Quick-Start Guide 

Free hapt-x app available at:



• Eyes-free navigation via intuitive haptic prompts.

• Automatic LED turn signals and tail light. 

• Bluetooth® Smart wireless protocol with A2DP audio streaming. 

• Fall-Detection will flash all LEDs; sends emergency SMS with your location.

• Rechargeable.

• Weather-resistant rugged design.

• Compatible with virtually any helmet; installs easily and discretely.

• Free hapt-x app for iOS, Android.


hapt-xRTL also features** :

• Unauthorized bike movement/theft alert.

• Live tracking of helmet or bike.

• Community-based support to locate a missing bike.


Universal Fit
* Features require smartphone with BTLE 4.0 + with active cellular/SMS service and GPS. Like any navigation device, using GPS may dramatically drain your phone's battery charge.
** hapt-xRTL features also require annual $14.95 subcription service.

Theft detection and tracking.

Thefts happen too. hapt-xRTL includes a small tracking module that slides out of hapt-x and attaches discreetly to your bike when not in use.


If your bike is moved or taken without your consent, you'll be notified and able to track its location using your phone or pc and the hapt-x community*.


Or leave the module in place to keep tabs on those helmet users you care about most.

* Hapt-xRTL model only. Requires activation of annual subcription service of $14.95/year.

Listen safely.

Sometimes you gotta listen to music. Earbuds block out most other sounds which can be dangerous (and in some states, illegal). Attaching a wireless speaker to your bike that blasts sound can be a bit, well, obnoxious.


Our micro speakers connect to hapt-x and attach to your helmet, turning it into a discreet wireless - and safer- personal audio system. Your music sounds good and is loud enough to enjoy without isolating you from the world around you.


Universal Fit.

Makes any helmet a smart helmet in minutes

with simple and easy installation.

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