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We call it Intelligent Illumination: LEDs and lasers activate in low light to keep you

and the path ahead visible.

Not just lights...




OMEGA uses cutting-edge embedded sensors and powerful microcomputing to accurately monitor you in the world around you.


Working seamlessly with your smartphone, OMEGA provides incredibly useful features from personal safety to convenience to coaching & navigation.


OMEGA. That's one intelligent neckband.


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OMEGA Retail Packaging Concept:

The concept behind OMEGA™ is currently U.S. patent pending. We are currently seeking an appropriate licensing partner for design development, manufacturing and distribution. Please contact us for more information.

Interested in being part of an exciting new wearable category?

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For hanging rack or shelf displays
  • Omega Neckband
  • MicroUSB Charging Cable
  • Quick-start Guide
Unique features are listed on clear plastic overlay and back of box.
Free accompanying app
MSRP: $150- $200
depending of features
Haptic Feedback
  • Intuitive vibrations for navigation and coaching apps, plus notifications for incoming calls or text messages.
  • No worries. OMEGA is rugged despite its good looks.
Sweat & Water Resistant
Lightweight & Comfortable
  • You'll forget you're wearing it.
SOS Alert
  • If you sense danger, discreetly send an emergency text alert to your selected contacts with a tap.
Fall Detection Sensors
  • Automatically sends an emergency text alert to your selected contacts in case of a bad fall.
Activity Monitoring*
  • Tracks and stores daily steps, activity levels, and calories burned.
  • Offers reminders to be active.
  • Correct posture reminders.
LEDs flash in low light
  • LEDs automatically flash in low light protecting you with 360º visibility to surrounding traffic.

Lightweight and elegant design.

The features you want.

Plus features you shouldn't be without.

Magnetic Clasp
  • Easy on, easy off but secure

Smart wearables

just became Intelligent.

Note: Prototype depicted. Design subject to change.

OMEGA is for:

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